Friday, 16 November 2012

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Welcome to the Scitools blog. Currently, we are a team of developers resident in the Met Office who have been working with our Science colleagues to develop new libraries written in Python. We have written two main modules, Iris and Cartopy. Iris is a library that can be used  to read, write, analyse and visualise climate and weather data. Below demonstrates the use of Iris and Cartopy to plot global air temperature:

An interesting example using Iris to show contour plots of a cross-sectioned multi-dimensional cube which features a hybrid height vertical coordinate system is below:

The purpose of this blog is for us to let you know what we are doing, conferences we will be attending and to pass on information about the libraries we are building under the Scitools GitHub organisation.  We hope that as we go forward we will be able to have guest blog entries from users and interested parties about the work we are doing and their use of the libraries.

Links for you to follow to find out more are below:

Source code:
Scitools website:

Scitools Development Team.


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  2. I just came across Iris and Cartopy the other day - I think you're doing a great thing here and are really addressing a deficiency in the Python / open software space for atmospheric and ocean scientists.

    In case you're interested, I wrote a blog post yesterday which outlines how I think Iris and Cartopy fits in with UV-CDAT (and other relevant Python packages) in terms of the ideal work environment for people in our field:

    I'll certainly spread the word about Iris and Cartopy in Australia and try and generate some interest down here.

  3. The purpose of this web log is for USA to allow you to apprehend what we tend to do, conferences square measure going to} be attending and to die info concerning the libraries we tend to are building beneath the Sci tools Git Hub organization. we tend to hope that as we tend to continue we'll be able to have guest web log entries from users and interested parties concerning the work we tend to do and their use of the libraries.

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